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Quadrilateral Element Using Dsqkand Various Q4 -point Integration

Anastasya Martina


Simple quadrilateral plate element with four nodes with 3 DOFs pernode, using DSQK and various point integration quadrilateral method is developed for linear elastic analysis of thin as well as thick plates. Based on modified Hu-Washizu principle, finite element equation are derived from assumed displacement dan strain fields with independent shear strain for DSQK. The other element to compare are Quadrilateral standard with three scheme: Full, Uniform Reduced Integration and Selective Reduced Integration. Although Q4-Uniform Reduced Integration and Q4-Selective Reduced Integration nearly similar to the displacement based on DSQK, but only DSQK which pass patch test and only Q4-Full which failed for shear locking problem. Two plates examples Morley’s Skew Plate and Circle Plate are given to illustrate the analysis in various meshing condition. DSQK shows fast mesh convergence and give most excellent displacement and moment predictions compared to various Q4-point Integration method in this paper.


DSQK, Q4-URI, Q4-SRI, Q4-FULL, free formulation, independent transverse shear strain, 3DOFs, Patch Test.